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Holistic Health

All about you, your health & your mental wellbeing

Jasmin Khan Homeopath Cambridge+

My name is Jasmin and I was born and raised in Münster, Germany. A few years ago I moved with my family from Munich to Cambridge where I undertook the Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy from the internationally renowned School of Homeopathy in Stroud, United Kingdom. Holistic health is my life passion, not only because it gives me the chance to help others in a way that can achieve sustainable, long-term health, but also because it represents a field of practice  with a long tradition that dynamically evolves to integrate new approaches and modern insights. 

​My first introduction to holistic treatments was when I was taken as a child to a health practitioner for my tonsillitis. I wondered why the practitioner was asking me so many questions, and I could not understand how it was relevant to my illness. I preferred to go to my GP who would give me a prescription within 10 minutes. Many years later, my daughter developed scarlet fever which, on three occasions, had been treated with antibiotics. The antibiotics provided relatively instant, temporary relief, but not a cure, and the disease soon returned. I then started to look for an alternative treatment that would cure, not just suppress the illness, when a friend suggested a holistic medical treatment. I went to see the homeopath, and after a long consultation, the practitioner provided my daughter with alternative medication. After taking the holistic practitioner's prescription, my daughter was completely cured, and has never again shown any symptoms of scarlet fever. This experience was the beginning of my holistic medical journey, which has now led me to my professional career. 

I believe it is important to keep an open mind to all different healing paths, and to find a balance between holistic and conventional medical treatments. If necessary. I do still consult my GP, but holistic treatments are always my first choice. I value the holistic approach of  connecting the mental and physical condition of every individual patient and their symptoms on a deeper level, since everyone experiences symptoms and illnesses in their own, unique way. For me, the holistic approach is the best way to achieve relief, strength, wellbeing and to maintain good health.

My qualifications include:

  • Professional Advanced Diploma from The School of Homeopathy (UK)

  • Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (UK)

  • Diploma in Pathology and Disease (UK)

  • Registered and insured member of The Society of Homeopaths  (UK)

  • Post Graduate Certificate in HomeoBotanical / HomeoHerbs therapy (UK)

  • Post Graduate Course at the Dynamis School with Jeremy Sherr, in Dublin, Ireland (ongoing)

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