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Holistic Health

All about you, your health & your mental wellbeing

Jasmin Khan Homeopath Cambridge+

My name is Jasmin, born and raised in Münster, Germany. Holistic health is my life passion, not only because it gives me the chance to help my family and friends in a way that can achieve sustainable, long-term health, but also because it represents a field of practice with over 200 years of tradition that dynamically evolves to integrate new approaches and modern insights. When my family and I moved from Munich to Cambridge, I undertook the four-year Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Homeopathy from the internationally prestigious School of Homeopathy in Stroud, United Kingdom. After successfully completing my degree, I further deepened my knowledge with a three-year Postgraduate Diploma from the renowned Dynamis College in Dublin, followed by a Diploma from the prestigious college in Wales.

​My journey into holistic treatments started in a household where my grandfather had a profound interest in herbal medicine. Growing up, I've always sought long-lasting solutions addressing root causes rather than surface symptoms or quick fixes. When my daughter battled recurring scarlet fever, finding temporary relief but no lasting cure with antibiotics, I sought a holistic alternative. Upon a friend's recommendation, I turned to a homeopath. Through personalized consultation and alternative medication, my daughter achieved complete recovery, marking the beginning of my holistic medical journey. This transformative experience has shaped my professional career in homeopathy, inspiring me to offer personalized care focused on addressing the root causes of illness for my clients.

I believe in embracing diverse healing paths and maintaining a balance between holistic and conventional medical treatments. While I consult my GP when necessary, holistic approaches are my first choice. I support combining allopathic medicine with alternative therapies; witnessing my father's peaceful passing after battling cancer reinforced this belief. I deeply value the holistic approach, which connects mental and physical well-being on a profound level, recognizing that each individual experiences symptoms uniquely. To me, holistic care offers the most effective route to relief, strength, and overall well-being, facilitating not only healing but also the maintenance of good health.

My qualifications include:

  • Professional Advanced Diploma (four years) from The School of Homeopathy (UK)

  • Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology (UK)

  • Diploma in Pathology and Disease (UK)

  • Registered and insured member of The Society of Homeopaths  (UK)

  • Post Graduate Certificate in HomeoBotanical / HomeoHerbs therapy (UK)

  • Post Graduate Course (three years) at the Dynamis School with Jeremy Sherr in Dublin, Ireland

  • Post Graduate Course at the School of Homeopathy with Bill Rumble, and Linda Gwillim in Welsh

I continually advance my expertise in homeopathy and holistic health through ongoing courses led by esteemed international homeopaths such as Ewald Stöteler, Colin Griffith, Rajan Sankaran, Mike Andrews and more. By engaging with these renowned practitioners, I stay abreast of the latest developments and deepen my understanding of holistic healing practices to better serve my clients

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